Adriana Gavozdea

Founder and CEO of Laria, LLC.

Our story...

Laria was born as a need for change.

With LariaCareFinder.com, you save time and get easy, direct communication.

As a Resident Manager, working for  years in this field, and with my parents owning a Care Home, I see what we face every day by having empty rooms for months and not being able to find a good match to fill it up. I also receive many calls weekly from families who are searching for a Care Home for their loved one but  and have no clue what my house looks like. They waste many hours on the phone - blindly trying to find a vacancy.  LariaCareFinder.com offers the clarity that both sides need by being able to present our homes through photographs and our list of services. Families will be able to filter their searches on the website, according to their needs. The direct access and connection between the client and the Care Home will facilitate the negotiation and pave the way for a smooth, easy and transparent connection . That’s why, here at Laria, our priority is to have : HOME CARE CONNECTIONS MADE EASY.